Great Delight in Readers Theatre Competition ‹ BACK
Readers Theatre was one of the most interesting events we had for the second term. This activity provides us with opportunities to become creative writers, designers and performers. It started in March during our Language Arts lesson taught by Mr. Anderson.

During the preparation stage, each Form 1 student was arranged into groups of around 4 to 5 students per team. Then each team worked hard on creating their own stories, scripts and also hand-made folders. It was definitely a group project requiring coordination as well as cooperation.

Students were deeply involved in brainstorming the plot, writing scripts and designing covers for their stories. The competition was held in two phases. The first phase was an inter-class competition of the four Form 1 classes. Afterwards, there was an inter-class competition. It was held in the Church sanctuary after the fourth lesson on Day 1.

One best team was being selected from each of the 4 Form 1 classes. These 4 teams then represented their own class and went on stage to perform in the final to determine the overall winning team.

Ms. Yan acted as the adjudicator for the competition to determine awards for the Best Script, Best Overall Performance and the champion. After an intense competition, 1W grabbed the prize of Best Script while 1R became the champion of Best Overall Performance.

It was a wonderful and practical experience for each and every Form 1 student. It is a good tradition to carry on. It was nice to see the accumulation of so many lessons of hard work. Good job and well done to all Form 1 students!

Thanks for all the teachers who have helped us to do so much preparation! We all had a great time. We benefited greatly by participating in this event. We had a chance to work co-operatively in groups, to get to know each other, create imaginative stories and use our voice properly. We would love to see more enjoyable performances from our new Form 1 students in the coming year!
  • An engaging performance
  • Appealing book covers!
  • Performing on stage
  • The Champion and the adjudicator, Ms Yan