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Five students were given an opportunity to experience Singapore’s school life in Anglo-Chinese School (International) for 17 days. It was a rewarding and memorable experience for all of us.

On weekdays, we had normal school days with local students, an occasion for us to strengthen our friendship with ACS students. They made us feel at home. In leisure time, they shared their happiness with us and when we were having lessons, they helped us with our homework. They were also attentive during lessons and the learning atmosphere impressed us a lot. Not only did we gain new knowledge, we also learnt to be more active and dedicated during lessons.

During weekends and public holidays, the school assigned ambassadors and buddies to be with us to visit different scenic spots, such as Chinatown, Little India and Sentosa. Exploring different parts of Singapore, we have widened our horizons and we were satisfied to have tried lots of local food with our friends. We were happy to have met so many nice friends, who spread a lot of joy with us.

A homestay experience was also given on the first weekend. It was a great chance for us to interact with our new friends. Five of us were sent to different host families and we all spent an enjoyable time with them. Staying in a host family made us become more mature and independent since we could only depend on ourselves and therefore, it was certainly a beneficial experience.

In short, this programme was surely a magnificent opportunity to experience something new. Although we stayed in Singapore for 17 days only, we met many new friends and experienced the culture of Singapore, which was precious and wonderful. It was a worth-going activity and we will never regret joining this marvelous and meaningful programme.

By Jodie Wong (3R)
  • It's time to say goodbye to our buddies