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From July 16 to July 27, Ricky Leung and I participated in the Malaysia exchange programme. It was a fabulous experience for both of us.

The school we went to was Methodist Boys’ Secondary School Kuala Lumpur (M.B.S.S.K.L.), which is a really nice school. The students there are talkative and enthusiastic so we made friends with them very easily. One of them is called Shak Hill. He is the most talkative guy I have ever met and he is also a funny guy. He always brought laughter to us.

The subject contents there are different from those in Hong Kong. For example, in Malaysia, we needed to learn the terms about body muscles in P.E. lessons. Comparatively speaking, their Mathematics curriculum is much easier than ours, so it was not a problem for us to attend the lessons there.

For me, the food in Malaysia is much more delicious than that in Hong Kong. It is also much cheaper. In the whole trip, I just spent less than half of the money I brought, and that already included the costs for buying souvenirs!

In the trip, we just went to school for four days because our stay fell into their festival holidays. So we were able to visit many places and attractions, such as the Sphinx Square, the Malaysia Court, the Malaysia National Bank Museum, the Botanic Garden, a chocolate factory, and of course, the Twin Towers.

All in all, we enjoyed the trip very much, and we look forward to visiting the country again in the future.

Simon Ng (3R)
  • Our classmates and friends
  • The Botanic Garden
  • The Malaysia National Bank Museum