2015 EMI Drama Fest --- Fools on the Road ‹ BACK
'I am leaving, and I swear! Unless I find three people who are more stupid than you are, I won’t come back!’ What would you think of a son that leaves his parents alone and sets out alone to find three idiots?

In April, the English Drama Team performed the wonderful drama “Fools On The Road” at the 2015 EMI Drama Fest. The team shone bright under the spotlight. With only 3 months for rehearsals, the Methodist College team was honored to be selected to receive the Outstanding Creativity Award (in the use of props and costumes). The well designed props and costumes enhanced the performances of the actors and actresses on stage and impressed the audience and the judges! It is a credit to the team and actors that they faced and overcame every obstacle they encountered along the way and finally succeeded in forming an undividable, cooperative and effective team.

We would like to deliver our deepest gratitude to our Principal, Miss Emily Wong and our vice Principal Miss Daisy Liu, for supporting us all along the way with heartfelt encouragement and guidance. We also express our deepest gratitude for our drama coach, Miss Gia Yu, for dedicating such work and time in training us to become such bright stars of the stage. We really appreciate your hard work.

Methodist College will develop a musical based on the script performed in the 2015 EMI Drama Fest. So, stay tuned and give us all your support. We will see you on July 10 2015 at the Variety Show!

By 5B Shelia Lai and 5W Eunice Wong