Shining on Stage – Interclass Singing Contest ‹ BACK
The singing contest has not been held for 6 years but students were finally given a chance to shine again, thanks to the special Life-wide Learning Day run by the Life Education Committee. We are delighted to announce that the Sixth Interclass Singing Contest was a great success on March 28, 2015. Some classes sang pleasant hymns while some rocked the hall. All of the contestants put on entertaining performances on stage. It was a closely fought musical contest that generated tremendous tension and excitement.
Since it has been more than six years since the last competition, this new generation of students has never participated in this contest. In old days, the school echoed with the sounds of singing just three weeks before the contest. “It has indeed been a most wonderful experience to hear these great talents,” the adjudicators commented after the show.
For senior forms, 5G was the big winner performing “We’re All in This Together”. They were announced Senior Champions and won the award for Best Performance. 5R and 5B came second and third respectively. Moving on to Junior, with the same song chosen as 5G, 2W were champions, followed by 1W and 2G.
Each class was welcomed by cheers and applause. As the bell rang, the competition began. There were surprises everywhere. One class sang the well-known song 'Let it go'. This was when Elsa and Anna appeared. Though they didn't come in first, they really did work up the atmosphere. The audience sang and moved in their seats. Not only did the students perform, some teachers also participated in the contest which got the crowd even more thrilled.
In brief, the contest not only provides students with a platform to showcase their talent but also, it’s a great way to build team spirit. It is the memories that we gain but not the result that matters to us.
By Vivian Li (5G)