Providing TSA Training to YMT Catholic Primary School (Hoi Wang Road) ‹ BACK
Fourteen F2 to F5 students from our school volunteered to work as TSA speaking coaches, providing speaking training to over 120 primary 3 and 6 students in YMT Catholic Primary School (Hoi Wang Road) on 3 March, 5 March and 16 April. Our students provided each primary student guidance and offered constructive feedback based on individual needs and performance during the training in order to help them improve speaking skills and boost their confidence in speaking. Not only did the primary school students gain valuable advice and strategies in tackling the TSA speaking examination, our students also further enhanced their confidence in speaking English, coaching and interpersonal skills, which were highly appreciated by the primary school teachers and students.
  • Jessie Lok (2R) patiently listens to a student reading aloud.
  • Each MC student coaches three to four students in a group