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On the 13th of February, more than 120 Form 4 students from Methodist College took part in a meaningful community service session by organizing an English Activity Day for Primary 1-6 students of Methodist School. Exercising their creativity to design games and using English to help primary students to complete various tasks, our students made use of the rare opportunity to develop their leadership abilities and boost their confidence in English speaking.

I was so excited to visit Methodist School as I am an alumnus! I think I did a great job in maintaining order and helping young students understand the game rules. We worked well in groups and I was confident enough to communicate in English!

4W Sam Hung

I have learnt to be flexible when dealing with unexpected events. For example, when too many students lined up for our game, we opened a new line to serve more students at the same time. I have also learnt to use different ways to help students of different levels to finish the game.

4B Kelly Wong

I worked just like a teacher to teach them how to play the games. The students were very lovely. I learned to be patient when explaining rules to them. Sometimes we needed to speak slowly and repeat what we said.

4W Queenie Lam

The riddles we prepared were a bit too difficult for the students. We had to give them hints and explain everything in very simple words. I am proud to say that I spoke a lot of English to invite students to our game stall and give them words of encouragement.

4G Ken Ho

The Methodist School students were creative. They made me feel so warm! I have learned to teach and talk to students with different levels of ability. I think my group has tried our best to give students instructions clearly and make the day enjoyable for them. But next time we will make our game even more fun.

4R Kori Wong

  • Methodist College students explain the game rules.
  • Implementation of IT in education!
  • An alphabet fishing game.
  • A student merrily finishes his task.
  • Students learn word classes through the games.
  • Joyful moments shared by students.