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4B presented a very interesting news report show at English Time. They highlighted two controversial and hot issues - Occupy Central and the Gutter Oil incident. Their light-hearted look at these two topical issues were well received by the audience who all enjoyed a fun time.

6R performed a very interesting show. The audience were entertained well and happy to witness the first English Time of the school year.


2R performed a short story re-written from the fiction of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. It was about a boy called Billy Tsang who saw a murder. He reported it to the police and the case went to trial. In a shocking twist, it was Billy who was accused of the murder. What happened to Billy Tsang? A riveting show by 2R had all the answers.

3R staged a live TV broadcast featuring news that Hong Kong people are very much concerned about, for example - The Occupy Central Movement with a guest appearance by the Chief Executive of Hong Kong, ‘KY Leung’. Some interesting scenes were acted out by our talented students.


What did 5R do today at English Time? Let’s hear from their very own publicity department press release:
Do you like k-pop stars? Have you ever thought of the sacrifices and demands of being a k-pop star? More and more teenagers are dreaming of K-pop stardom. Girls’ groups like Girls’ Generation, and boy groups like Big Bang, are now idols for many teens and young adults. However, the road to stardom has been anything but easy for these pop sensations, and the glitz and glamour of being a k-pop star may not be as rewarding as people might think. They actually have to face lots of challenges. 5R performed a drama about a k-pop star, Chiling, whose success has never been easy. Another boy, Henry, who is not handsome, is struggling his way to be a K-pop star too. Can he succeed? You had to be there to find out. It was a very entertaining show by 5R. Well done!
5B explored the issue of bullying at school – specifically, racial bullying. Their performance was very eye opening and thoughtful, not to mention somewhat light-hearted. 5B got this important message across.
A packed house had a great time today, thoroughly enjoying the performances. Well done 5R and 5B, you made your form proud.

Thank you to 1R and 2R who made up the bulk of the audience.

See you next time…at English Time!
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