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On the 7th of July, more than 120 Form 1, 3 and 4 students from Methodist College organized an English Activity Day for Primary 1 and 2 students at Methodist School. It proved to be a great chance for our students to exercise their creativity, develop their communication skills and leadership abilities. Most importantly, some of our students boosted their self-confidence by taking part in such a meaningful community service.

It was a totally new, interesting and exciting experience for me. I have learned to be patient with young students and work well in a team. I think I did a good job in taking care of and guiding the students.

3W Yiu Ho Yeung

I am so glad that I could join the activity. The Methodist School students were not only energetic, but also adorable. Sometimes they were confused about the game instructions, so we had to explain things to them patiently, slowly and repeatedly.

4G Li Hiu Ying

The primary school students were cute and polite. It was fun to talk to them. I learned to settle arguments between them and help them with words they did not know. Also, I learned that a smile could make them relax.

3R Kiki Hui

I felt great being an emcee! The students were so cute! I have learned to host an event and communicate with young students in English. We brought them fun and excitement though we could have managed time better. I hope to go there again!

4G Jady Wong

The Methodist School students were smart and polite. I have learned to take care of them. I think I taught them a lot of words, but I should have reminded them to speak English all the time and tried harder to explain things to them in English.

1G Michelle Pang

  • Methodist School students learn English through games.
  • Methodist College students explain game rules.
  • Young students excitedly cheer for their team.
  • Students of the two schools interact like brothers and sisters.
  • Triumphant moments shared by students
  • A Methodist College student helps young students read a story.