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On 14 May, our exchange students, Sally Devantier and Vincent Muerau, were joined by their AFS friends from Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Mexico, Belgium, Iceland, Austria, Norway and Brazil to bring a fruitful day of cultural learning and exchange experience to our students.

The exchange students split into teams to meet our students in their classrooms, where they introduced to our students different aspects of their cultures, e.g. their food, languages, customs, history and daily lives, in the form of presentation, dance and games.

Our students were excited about establishing friendships with international students and were able to find out about other cultures in a fun and accessible way. As the day wrapped up, everyone was sad to say goodbye to the group of students who truly made the day an unforgettable one but at the same time happy that new friendships had been established.

The AFS Intercultural Exchanges (AFS) is an international non-profit voluntary organization which has been dedicated to promoting international exchange activities for decades.
  • Our students listen attentively to the exchange students.
  • Lalo from Mexico introduces their local food.
  • Students have close encounters with the exchange students.
  • Football fans have lots of questions for Hugo from Brazil.
  • Communication in another common language – music and dance!
  • Time to call it a day for our beloved foreign friends.