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The evangelistic week has always been one of the most important events for a Christian-based school as it offers a great opportunity for us to have a better understanding about Christianity and to develop our faith. As usual, the Inspiration Lake themed Evangelistic Week was held from the 3rd to the 13th of March.
Inspiration Lake represents the abundance of grace and blessings of God which overflows as a lake. During this year’s Evangelistic Week, we had many impressive activities such as MCTV sessions, movie sharing on love and a mini music concert organized by students. There were many students participating in the above activities and they were touched and inspired by the heartfelt sharing of testimonies of teachers and members of the Student Christian Fellowship.
One of the highlights of Evangelistic Week was definitely the sharing on the last day of the week. It was an honor to invite a reverend to give us a touching speech which was engraved in our hearts. After singing a hymn together on the grace of God, many students were willing to believe in God and let God come into their life. They raised their hands bravely with tears welling up in their eyes.
Is it possible to construct a lake in our school? The answer is: Why not? The most attractive decoration this year was the 3D lake with dolphins hooping out which was stuck on the floor right behind the front door. The innovative idea of our teachers attracted and appealed to many students who dutifully queued up and took photos. The sticker not only suited the theme of Evangelistic Week, but it also successfully drew the attention of students in our school. Also, there was a tree with blossoms built by students using some old recycled newspapers. Every student wrote blessings at the back of a card designed by the SCF and hung them on the branches of the tree beside the lake.
This year’s keepsake was very special and unique. As you can see from the photograph, the words ’Love You’ were printed on both sides of the cross. It means that God loves everyone and treats them as his own children. Moreover, there was an hourglass in the middle of the cross. It represented the abundant grace from God that cannot be counted.
To conclude, Evangelistic Week ended with great success. The aims and goals of this year’s Evangelistic Week were absolutely accomplished. Our teachers and SCF members have done their best to provide us with an unforgettable week that was appreciated by all!
Kelly Wong 3R
Rico Tang 3R

  • Teachers and Johnny are singing in the church
  • Many students go to the lobby to take photos beside the ‘Inspira
  • Teachers are singing in the mini worship concert
  • Some students grasp the chance to believe in God
  • A reverend is giving out messages about God
  • The Thanksgiving Tree
  • Keepsake of the Year