Extra-Curricular Activities Committee
ECA Committee Members

ECA Head:


Deputy Head:


Ms. Lee Wai Sze


Ms. Tsea Fung Yee

Mr Chan Hon Wai
Ms Lee Wai Sum              
Ms Lee Wai Yee
Ms Li Lun Mei Susanna
Mr Wong Wai Yip

  1. To enrich the school life of the students and to help them affirm their own value through harmonious school experiences so that they can understand the meaning of whole-person education and all-round learning.
  2. To help students develop social skills and to learn how to get along with others.
  3. To help students eradicate self-centered attitudes through communal activities and to develop their spirit of self-confidence, self- respect, self- discipline as well as respect for others.
  4. To help students learn how to tolerate and coordinate with others, accept others’ opinions, to seek common grounds and to allow for differences and to further develop their concept of community so that they will understand the rights and obligations of the individuals in the community and become aware of their own responsibilities to cultivate civic awareness and concept of democracy.
  5. To help students develop responsible and ethical working attitudes as well as to cultivate skills in organization, leadership, cooperation, assessment, reasoning, problem solving, decision making, planning, communication, innovation, liaison, critical appraisal and self-management.
  6. To provide students with opportunities to assist in developing mentally and physically in the areas of moral, intellectual, physical, community, aesthetic and spiritual education.
  7. To help students make good use of their leisure time and nurture their physical and mental well-being.
  8. To provide students’ life experiences that will better equip them with how to cope with future demands in society.
  9. To enhance good relationships between teachers and students that will in turn be beneficial for both teaching and learning.
  10. To enhance good attitudes in the spirit of Methodist College and improve the students’ sense of belonging to the school.