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The Scrabble Team is delighted to share its recent achievements in the CCC Mong Man Wai College 9th Inter-School Scrabble Tournament (2018).

On 30 June, Brian Po of 4B, jointly with Thomas Li of 6G and Hugo Ngan of 6B in the Senior Category and Ernest So of 1R in the Junior Category, participated in this 5-round annual post-exam event.

The senior team had a good start when Brian pulverized his opponent by 567 – 132 (a spread of 435 points) and Hugo beat his opponent in the first game. The duo sustained their promising performance when Brian defeated the top seed player and Hugo extended his winning streak. Before the lunch break, the team managed to secure 6 wins and was on the right track to fight for the champion title.

In the 4th round, Brian was unlucky to get poor tiles throughout the game and tried very hard to recover from the awful plight. Eventually he was beaten by 9 points. Meanwhile, Hugo and Thomas stood up and took 2 individual wins to secure the position.

In the last round, all players were flawless in their games when Brian beat the top seed player again and Thomas and Hugo pulverized their opponents. In the end, the team ranked second in the Senior Category. Hugo ranked 5th and just differed by a narrow spread margin while Brian was awarded the Individual 1st runner-up and the Best Player from a School.

In the Junior Category, Ernest got a 3-0 winning streak before lunch break. Sadly he was beaten by just a 10-point margin in the 4th round and eventually lost in the last round. He was awarded the Best Player from a School in the Junior Category by his promising performance.

Congratulations to the team and our coach, Mr. Douglas Tsang. The team will bring more good news to us in upcoming tournaments.