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The Scrabble Team is honoured to share our recent achievement in the trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the “12th WESPA Youth Cup” (WESPAYC). With their strenuous effort and perfect performance, the team members did exceptionally well in both the practice match with Methodist Boys’ Secondary School and the WESPAYC throughout the matches.

On 24th November, Thomas Li of 6G, Calvin Ma of 5B, Brian Po of 4B and Julian Wong of 1R flew to Kuala Lumpur with our coach Douglas Tsang and other Team Hong Kong members to join the international, annual event in Youth Scrabble.

A small tournament with the Methodist Boys’ Secondary School Kuala Lumpur was held as the final practice as well as an exchange with the Malaysian top youth players before the WESPA Youth Cup. After the exciting games, Calvin Ma has made a clean sweep and became the Champion of the 50-contestant tournament while Julian Wong was also unbeaten but just differed by spread and ranked 4th. Thomas Li ranked 10th.

Through the WESPA Youth Cup tournament, the members have gained much confidence and improved significantly for future matches.

On the first day of the WESPA Youth Cup, both Calvin Ma and Brian Po became the 2 best performing Hong Kong players, with 5 wins out of 7 games each. They lost to the top 10 finishers. Brian maintained his unbeatable force to make a 5.5 winning streak in the first 6 games on the second day of the youth championship, elevated to 6th place in overall standing of 178 players. Despite a high loss record of 461 to 468 made in the game afterwards, he still kept a healthy advantage, to win the tournament with just 2 wins behind the leader. Calvin, at the same time, performed well. He started with two promising wins against a Sri Lankan and a Filipino player, with an average of over 450 points that drove him up to 11th place. On the final day, both of them faced tougher players, but they still strived to demonstrate their top youth playing ability. Finally, Brian ranked 32nd, with 14.5 wins out of 24 games and was awarded the Most Improved Player as he rose from 83rd place in 2016 WESPAYC.

Congratulations to the Scrabble Team, the awardees and our coach Douglas!