Lesson Topics

Forms 1 to 3:

  • Locating where we are
  • Using urban space wisely
  • The trouble with water
  • Taming the sand
  • Global shift in manufacturing industry
  • Changing climate, changing environments
  • Struggle for power resources
Forms 4 to 6:
  • Opportunities and risks - is it rational to live in hazard-prone areas?
  • Managing river and coastal environments : a continuing challenge
  • Changing industrial location - how and why does it change over space and time?
  • Building a sustainable city - are environmental conservation and urban development mutually exclusive?
  • Combating famine - is technology a panacea for food shortages?
  • Disappearing green canopy - who should pay for the massive deforestation in rainforest regions?
  • Global warming - are humans responsible?
  • Dynamic Earth
  • Weather and climate
  • Transport development, planning and management
  • A regional study of the Zhujiang Delta
  • Map reading skills


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