Subjects Offered at Methodist College (2016-17)
Medium of Instruction: E=English; C = Chinese              
               * NSS subject
  Form 1 & 2 Form 3 Form 4 Form 5 Form 6
English Language E E E* E* E*
Chinese Language C C C* C* C*
Mathematics E E E* E* E*
Liberal Studies C C C* C* C*
Economics E E* E* E*
Geography E E E* E* E*
History E E E* E* E*
Chinese Literature C* C* C*
Chinese History C C C* C* C*
Putonghua C C
Religious Education C C C C C
Ethics and Religious Studies C* C* C*
Integrated Science E
Biology E E* E* E*
Chemistry E E* E* E*
Physics E E* E* E*
Computer Literacy E E
Information & Communication Technology E* E* E*
Business, Accounting and Financial Studies E E* E* E*
Design & Technology E E
Visual Arts E E C* C* C*
Aesthetic Education E E
Home Economics E E
Music E E
Physical Education E E E E E